Absolutely helpless

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And the next day was Christmas ….J ust before supper the joyful cry went up that Mr. Love was coming, and actually in time for dinner. He had broken his record and arrived by day!
A pitch pine had been set up indoors and its boughs painted with dissolved alum to simulate frost. Hanging from the branches were wooden balls covered with tobacco tinfoil. Flakes of mica were glued to paper stars. On Christmas, Mr. Mills and Mr. Love dressed in linen collars and what Miss Waxham called “fried shirts.” When Miss Waxham turned ┬ázakelijke energie vergelijken to a package from home that she knew contained pajamas, she went into her bedroom to open it. The following day, Miss Waxham was meant to go to something called Institute, in Lander-a convocation of Fremont County schoolteachers for lectures, instruction, and professional review. By phenomenal coincidence, Mr. Love announced that he had business in Lander, too. ‘ It was decided that I should go with him. I rather dreaded it. …I confess I was somewhat afraid of him ….I was wrapped up in a coat of my own with Mrs. Mills’ sealskin over it, muffler, fur hat, fur gloves, leggings, and overshoes. Then truly I was so bundled up that it was next to impossible to move. “Absolutely helpless,” laughed Mr. Love.
Whatever business Mr. Love had in zakelijke energie Lander did not in any way seem to press him. Miss Waxham stayed with Miss Davis, the county superintendent, and while other people came and went from the premises Mr. Love was inclined to remain.
Supper time came and Mr. Love remained. We had a miserable canned goods cold supper. Miss MacBride left, Mr. Love remained.
In the afternoon, Mr. Love called. It certainly was a surprise. I explained why Miss Davis was out, but he didn’t seem to mind. I said that she would be back soon. He asked if I should not like to take a drive and see the suburbs. Of course I would ….W e went for a long drive in the reservation, with a box of chocolates between us, and a merry gossip we had ….H e was bemoaning the fact that there is no place for a man to spend the evening in Lander except in a saloon. “Come and toast marshmallows,” I said, and he took it as a good suggestion.