The Donners

Gerelateerde afbeelding

He camped beside the trail\ farther east. He attracted the Donners. He attracted Reeds, Kesebergs, Murphys, McCutchens, drew them southward away from thJ main trek and into the detentive scrub oak made fertile by the limestones of the Wasatch. The Donners were straight off the craton{solid and trusting, from Springfield, Illinois. Weeks were used hacking a path through the scrub oaks, which were living barbed fre. Equipment was abandoned on the Bonneville flats to lighten up loads in the race against thirst. Even in miles, the nigher route proved longer than the one it was shortcutting, on the way to a I sierra that was named for snow. 1 Deffeyes and I passed graffiti on the Bonneville flats. There being nothing to carve in zakelijke energie and no medium substadtial enough for sprayed paint, the graffitists had lugged cobbles out onto the hard mud-stones as big as grapefruit, ballast from the interstate-and in large dotted letters had written their names: Ross, D Aw N, DoN , JUDY, MARK, MOON, ERIC, fifty or sixty miles of names. YARD SALE. Eric’s lithography was in basalt and dolomite, pieces of Grayback Mountain, apparently, pieces of the Stansburys. His name, if it sits there a century or so, will eventually explode. Salt will work into the stones along the grain boundaries. When this happens, water evaporates out of the salt, and salt crystals keep collecting and expanding until they explode the rock. In Death Valley are thousands of little heaps of crumbs that were once granite boulders. Salt exploded them. Salt gets into fence ┬ázakelijke energie vergelijken posts and explodes them at the base. Near tl1e far side of Utah, the flats turned blinding white, cornsnow white, and revolving winds were making devils out of salt. Over the whiteness you could see the salt go off the curve of the earth. When the drivers of jet cars move at Mach .9 over the Bonneville Salt Flats, they feel that they are always about to crest a hill. Dig into the salt and it turns out to be a crusty white veneer, like cake icing, more than an inch thick-an almost pure sodium chloride. Below it are a few inches of sand-size salt particles, and below them a sort of creamy yogurt mud that is the color of blond coffee. In much the manner in which these salts were left behind by the shrinking outline of the saline lake, there were times around the edges of North America when the shrinking ocean stranded bays that gradually dried up and left plains of salt.