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The group was called Eocene and was interested in scavenging old mines. Deffeyes pointed out to them that while new gold strikes were still occurring in the world and new gold mines were still being developed, no major silver mine had been discovered since i915. The pressure for silver was immense. Dentistry and photography used two-thirds of what there was, and there were no commercial substitutes. “We’ve been wiped out. We’ve gone through it, just as we have gone through magnesium and bromine. You can raise the price of silver all you want to but you won’t have a new mine.” He predicted that as prices went up silver would probably outperform gold. The potentialities in the secondary recovery of silver appeared to him to be a lot more alluring than working through tailings for gold. Eocene engaged him as a consultant, to help them scavenge silver. Now far zakelijke energie above the basin, we were on the thin line we had seen from below, a track no wider than the truck itself, crossing the face of the mountain. It curved into reentrants and out around noses and back into reentrants and out to more noses. I was on the inboard side, and every once in a while as we went around a nose I looked across the hood and saw nothing but sky-sky and the summits of a distant range. We could see sixty, seventy miles down the valley and three thousand feet down the mountain. The declivity was by no means sheer, just steep-a steepness, I judged, that would have caused the vehicle, had it slipped off the road, to go end over end enveloped in flame at a hundred yards a bounce. My hands slid on the wheel. They were filmed in their own grease. The equanimous Deffeyes seemed to be enjoying the view. He said, “Where did you learn to drive a truck?” “Not that it’s so god-damned difficult,” I told him, “but this is about the first time.” Before igoo, the method used in this country to extract silver from most ores was to stamp the rock to powder in small stamp . mills, then stir the powder zakelijke energie vergelijken into hot salt water and mercury, and, after the mercury had attracted the silver, distill the mercury. In i887, a more thorough extraction process had been developed in England whereby silver ores were dissolved in cyanide. The method moved quickly to South Africa and eventually to the United States.